RCMS World Wide News! By Amanda :)
Hey there RCMS Lions! Have you heard of the 7.6 earthquake in Costa Rica? Well if you didn’t, the earthquake was reported on September 5, 2012. The earthquake lasted about 30 seconds the quake was about 25 miles (41 kilometers) below surface. The earthquake was one of the strongest earthquakes. Another thing about the earthquake, it had about 600 aftershocks, the strongest of them were 4.6, 4.5 and 4.4. Victor Gonzalez says that there is a possible chance of Costa Rica having another aftershock, the magnitude could be up to 6 or more. If Costa Rica had another aftershock around 6 it would possibly do more damage than the original 7.6 earthquake. Officials says that there is a possible chance of them having a tsunami. About 5,000 people were evacuated from Costa Rica near the quake’s epicenter. The earthquake made a lot of damages like damaging schools. Schools would be closed down for a few days until all damages are fixed. Some houses were knocked down. One bridge also collapsed. A lot of people were in the emergency rooms wanting to be treated for minor injuries. There were only one death report, one gentle men died from a heart attack caused by fright from the earthquake. Also, there has been some reports saying that a landslide hit the main highway. The landslide had caused problems for some people blocking several roads. The Many people were scared by the earthquake. The last powerful earthquake they had In Costa rica was in 2009, about 40 people died from the 6.1 quake. There was also another earthquake in 1991 where 47 people were killed in Limon-Pandora area. One women said they have moderate quakes but hadn’t happened in years. One man said that the building he was in was moving so much that he couldn’t even walk. The earthquake that happened in Costa Rica didn’t take many people’s lives which is a good thing but the disaster that was made takes a long time to recover. Thanks for reading Lions!!! <3