By: Samantha
 Friends; A person who one knows and with who one has a bond of mutual affection, typically(;
       Hey guys, welcome to another awesome year here at Rancho Cucamonga Middle School.  Anyways, as we all know, friends are all over the school.  You and your friends will have a good chance of getting in the newspaper and on the yearbook together! Hopefully, you and your friends will still be together till the end of school.  (; People you have known for a long time can become your enemy at times.  Friends can be hard to keep, but can help you through a lot.  Trust me, a lot of my friends have turned on me like if our friendship didn’t even matter.  That is why I think that everyone in the school school should be very good friends with everyone.  Friends keep you close and can be concidered as family, also friends are good to have so yeah.  I will tell you something that happened to me because of a bad friend.  Well all that happened was she turned on me and now we aren't friends.  When she wasn't my friend, she spread rummors.  All those people believed her so they thought those things were actually real. All im saying is that people you may have known will pretend to be your friend so be aware of the true friends you have and be grateful because many people don’t even have any friends.  My friends and I think that everyone should have friends so go out there and enjoy school with everyone that hangs out with you!  I am friendly, I think, so if you want to be my friend, go ahead(:Well that was all I needed to say so bey and hope you have fun this  year, bye everyone!{;         Return To Lion Times: