Fun Friday!


Hey lions!  Welcome back to RCMS !  Im pretty sure you all know what Fun Friday is?  RCMS has an activity every other Friday called Fun Friday!  During Fun Fridays we play music and play games.  For those of you who don't know what we are doing this Fun Friday we are playing a cookie challenge.  From what I know of the cookie challenge the objective is to move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth before anyone else.

There is more to it so I interviewed Silva and this is what she said about this Fun Friday:

Me: What will we be doing for this Fun Friday?
Silvia: This Fun Friday we will be doing a cookie chalenge.
Me: Is there a different activity for each group level?
Silvia: It's the same for all group levels.
Me: Is there more than one game?
Silvia: We play more than one game during Fun Fridays.
 Me: Are kids aloud to come up and dj their own music?
Silvia: We occasionally let students dj their own music.

I hope my article helped you on what will be happening this Fun Funday! See you soon !

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