Lion's Den

Lion's Den is hosted by our ASB students. You can get in by getting an invitation from your teacher. It is located inside the closed cafeteria behind the lunch area. The Lion's Den is a reward that teachers give to students for their great effort. Lion's Den is every Wednesday during lunch. Inside of Lion's Den is a flat screen T.V hook up to a Wii and it’s up to two players, some familiar board games like; chess, battleship, jenga, etc. Something new they added is a pingpong table and music. Every lunch has a Lion's Den. So you may see sixth, seventh and eighth graders playing, rocking out or singing along to the different types of music they have inside. It may sound silly, because you may have these items at home,but hey would you rather be inside than the sweating in the hotness outside? For me I rather be inside playing the Wii. Next to the Wii is a big fan cooling you down. Inside there might be the assistant principal or principal, you can also challenge them to pingpong or the Wii. Here are some students that went to Lion's Den and what they thought. I asked two girls that went to Lion's Den, there both eight graders. I asked “How did you like the Lion's Den?” Ali answered “It was fun”, Sashee also answered the same “It was fun.” Next questioned I asked “Was it worth it to get in” Ali said “Yes it was, playing pingpong was the best,” Sashee said “Yeah.” The final questioned I asked Ali was “Did you see any of your friends?” She quickly said, “Yes I sure did.” I asked Sashee “What was your favorite activity there?” She thought about it and gave me her answered. “It has to be the pingpong table.” There you have it folks. Hope you sixth, seventh and eighth graders go to Lions Den and have fun !    Return to Lion Times

First Interview:Ali

Second Interview: Sashee