By Jacky
     Hey Lions! Fashion is a big deal for some students. Everyone has a different style and like different stores. My favorite store is Forever 21. I asked some 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls and these were the most liked stores: Forever 21, H&M, Papaya, Charlotte Russe, Hot Topic and Citi Wear. I also asked some girls where they like shopping for shoes. They usually get there shoes at the Vans store or other shoe stores, but they get their sandals and flats in clothing stores. Their favorite shoes are Vans, Jordans, Toms, and Converse. Theres also a lot of girls that don't like wearing shoes and prefer to wear sandals or flats. Popular styles that are out right now are floral prints, high waisted shorts and button up shirts are really popular right now. They also like to wear things with studs. Winter is coming up soon so girls are going to start wearing sweaters, leggings and boots.
        For the boys, they like to wear t-shirts and shorts. The top 5 stores they like to shop at are Creative Soul, Zumiez, Active, Tilly's and Pacsun. Boys don't really wear sandals to school so they usually wear shoes. The stores they like shopping for shoes are Vans Store, Journeys, Foot Lockers, Champs and the Converse Store. Right know the boys like wearing cargo shorts and brand named shirts. The most worn brands are Diamond, Obey, DGK, LRG and Volcom. For boys,  popular styles are tanks, and snapbacks. Even though they are not allowed at school, they wear them out, and some boys like to wear bow ties. Boys can't really dress up because their clothes are casual but when they do they were button up shirts with nice jeans. I think when winter comes, they will start wearing jeans and hoodies.    

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