RCMS Electives
By: Astkhik

     Hey lions!  Hows the school year going?  Here at RCMS we have great electives.  Electives are only for 7th and 8th graders.  You 6th graders will have to wait until you go to 7th grade.  In 7th grade you get a random elective.  8th graders get to pick their elective for their 8th grade year.  In the wheel you go to Art, Computers, and Band class.
     One of the electives is Computers.  In that class you work with Computers and Mr. Garretson give you many assignments.  Another elective is Advanced Computers.  This class is only for the 8th graders.  In Advanced Computers you work on the yearbook, a newspaper, and you take lots of pictures.  There is also an Art Class where Mr. Preciado gives you coloring or drawing assignments.  His class is very fun.  You get to use paint and make projects.  The other elective we have is Band Class.  In band Mrs. Cox will give you assignments and you learn to play different instruments.  In Band during the wheel you learn to play the recorder, a little bit of piano, and the bells.
      One more elective that RCMS has is Advanced Band.  In Advanced Band you get to play your very own instrument and you perform at school activities, you have concerts, and you go to Scandia to perform a concert.  You can also be picked as Office Aid.  The office aid does errands for the office.  You'll be in the office during the period your elective is giving.  You can also pick Office Aid for your yearlong class in 8th grade. ASB is another Elective.  In ASB you are in charge of helping the school.  You go do the Fun Friday stuff, you organize our dances, you sell tickets for the dance or other activities.  ASB makes posters to tell our school whats happening.  All these electives seem fun, but you have to do the requirements for different classes.  You need to have good grades all the time and you must behave.  Well thats it Lions! Have a good year! I hope you enjoy RCMS.

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