School Activities
By: Valentina

Hey there Lions! For those of you that are new to this school, welcome to RCMS!  You will have a lot of fun this year because this school is great.  There's going to be a lot of fun activities like Fun Fridays, Lions Den, dances, and many more.  We also have the Perfect Attendance Bingo and the A.R. party.  Eighth graders have the promotion, the eighth grade dance, and we get to go on a field trip to Knott’s Berry Farm at the end of the year.

We have Fun Fridays almost every Friday at lunch.  You get to go to the Lions Den if a teacher catches you doing something good and gives you an invitation to go.  There’s a flat screen T.V. connected to a Wii, board games, and you get food.  If you have 75% of your A.R. goal you get to go to the gym and watch a movie and eat snacks.  We also have the trip to Scandia at the end of the year for the top 100 readers for every grade.  The Perfect Attendance Bingo is during 5th and 6th period, you get prizes and snacks.

There's also the ASB program where you get to plan most of the activities.  You need to have a 3.0 GPA and write a 200 word essay explaining why you want to be in ASB and why you should get picked.  We also have the Student vs. Staff football and basketball game where the band plays music.  We also have the twin day where you can wear the same clothes as your friends.  There’s at least three dances every year.  Unfortunately if you’re on the LOP list you can’t go, so start working on those contracts!  Also if you have more than nine F’s in the three years you’ve been here you won’t be able to participate in any of the eighth grade activities at the end of the year.  Well that’s all for now, hope you have a great time at RCMS!

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