By: Patty
Hey lions, have you heard the news lately,well if you haven’t todays your lucky day! Every year we have dress up days and we had a very interesting one. On Augest 28,we  all had to wear red, white, and blue to show our true pride of the 9/11 incident.  There was people outside taking pictures of you in the colors.  Maybe you'll  get to be part of the yearbook.  Some teachers gave extra credit for wearing the colors.  I was surprised when I saw teachers joined us in this dress out , I'm glad Mr.Garretson did.  If you want to be part of this event make sure you wear red, white, and blue. There wasn't as much people wearing the colors but I'm glad I did.  Many other more exciting events are coming very soon for example mix and match day on September 28.  I picture many people mix and matching that day with their weird mixing.  I've talked to ASB and they've said there might be a Halloween dress upcoming up.  We may be dressing up in our halloween costumes again. Also we will be celebrateing red ribbon week to prevent drug use,we'll  probably be wearing red.  I’ve asked many people about the dress up’s so far and they've all said that they're looking forwared to it.  Many six graders sound really anxious and want to find out more information to prepare for the event so they can stand out , and show everyone there cool outfits.  They have also said that these school dress ups sound awesome and at there other school they’ve never had cool dress up’s like ours.  So can’t wait to see you guys all dressed up and smiling to take some upcoming photos for the year book.  I’m hoping many of you participate in these fun dress up day’s, which ASB having been working hard on.  Can't wait to see your cool outfits see you guys at lunch :)
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