HEY RCMS, In order to change the world you must change your self.  If you want to see the difference in other people it must start with you.  One way to get that going is by taking little steps, a couple of the most simplest wassys at school and even at home are; throwing bottles in the Recycle Bin instead of just throwing the bottle on the floor, another way is that if you see trash on the floor don’t just walk by it pick it up and throw it in the trash.  If you just walk by it you aren’t helping the world you’re just hurting it more.  The reason why its so important to want to change the world is because  if we don’t then we could be living in a trashy and unhealthy world.
        More ways to help fix our world are donating to the poor, or the less fortunate.  If we help them we don’t have to worry about people being on the streets.  We could also help the older people if they’re struggling, because then they have a chance at living longer and healthier.  Another thing you could do is help talk to younger kids that don’t have all the privileges as we do and tell them about how important it is to go to
school and get an education, in order to go to a good college and get a good job.
    As long as we follow these important steps to help make our World A Better Place there is no question that we will be living in a better world.  Could you imagine a world where we don’t have trash everywhere, clean streets and everybody at peace with each other ?  Well I
could ...
    Remember this is our world so treat it with kindness and always try to make it a better place !