By Dalia

    Hey Lions!  I’m pretty sure all of you like wearing clothes... right?  If not, please get off campus. You have hipsters, “pretty boys”, preps, fan girls-guys, and those kids who really don’t mind what they wear. Some people have their own sense of style.  Some girls would show up to school with just leggings & a plain shirt. You have your hipsters wearing high wasted shorts, combat boots, thigh-high socks, floral pattering, flannels, bow ties, colored hair, and old-fashioned shirts. Your “pretty boys” would wear  Obey, Diamond Supply, Snapbacks, cargos, long socks, mostly Converse and Vans, and also sleeveless flannels.

    Fashion is a big part of a lot of people’s lives. What you wear pretty much expresses you and your lifestyle. It shows your personality, you can tell how their personality is. It shows the world how you really are. It teaches you your true self.  Yes, some people buy clothes to look good but a lot people do it because they actually like to show their true colors. Of course, people liking wearing clothes because they don’t want to go out naked. People should wear clothes that suit them the best not just to fit in. You should feel good about what you wear, not ignorant or insecure.

    I interviewed a couple people about fashion and how it inspires them. The first boy I interviewed is Jakob. He told me some of his favorite brands are Active and Stussy. He likes to wear button ups. He said his sense of style shows he is wild and creative. I also inte
rviewed Litzulli. She told me she is mostly into high waisted shorts, button ups, distressed jeans, and denim. They are both really into fashion but sometimes they don’t really care what they wear.

Remember you don’t need to worry about “fitting in” or trying to be cool. Wear what you want, don’t care about what other people think.

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