TonySerena(our asb president)Valentina

8th Graders


Hey new 8th graders. You’ve might have had good times in the past, but this year its going to be great there's going to be a lot of cool stuff this year. But i want to know how eighth grade is going. Is it what you expected, do you think your going to do better then last year, how do you feel about your teachers, which subject is the easiest or the hardest, etc. I’ve asked a couple people what they think and this is what they had to say: Valentina said, “ I know eighth grade is going to be a great year, because their's going to be a lot of fun activities, but I’m also sad because this is the last year I get to spend time with my friends.” Tony said, “ Eighth grade is kind of hard, but I like most of my teachers and classes.” Serena also said, “All my classes are pretty good and I like all my teachers, but algebra is hard.”
            Eighth grade might be hard in the beginning but in the end all your hard work will pay off. There's a lot of different things that eighth graders get to do that sixth or seventh  graders don’t have the opportunity to do. It might be one of the best years out of the whole three years you’ve been here (If you’ve been here for all three years). Some of the things that eighth graders get to do is eighth grade dance, promotion, and at the end of the year you get the opportunity to go to Knott’s Berry with all your friends. There is also going to be teachers competing against students in students vs staff football and basketball games. All 8th graders can participate in all these different activities as long as you don’t get into trouble. If you do get into trouble you’ll get in the lop list and you won’t be able to participate. But remember to try to have fun and enjoy your last year  at RCMS!!:)

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