By  Hitoshi
Doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you respect yourself and others.  Be the person you want to be, but don’t lose yourself.  Be the change in our school.  Be the one to set an example to others.  Be nice to others, It’s not my decision for you to change, it’s yours, if you wanna see a difference in other people’s eyes then you have to do it yourself.  Jakob said, ”As long as yourself, you don’t have to worry about anything.”  Alyssa Said “Don’t try to impress anyone, your friend’s should accept you for who you are. ” I agree with both of them.  The reason I want you to be nice is for every one else to respect you but you don’t have to be.   I think everyone should be themselves and be kind to others.  “If” you want to change yourself, don’t go to fast, just take baby steps.  People don't have to understand everyone, just respect them.  If you don't like the person, ignore him/her, if they don't respect you it doesn't mean you have to disrespect them.  They may talk about you and may say some disrespectful things but you just have to ignore those words and move on with your life.  Be a better person than them, show them that you don't care about what they think about you.  If someone talks about me, i try to work it out and if i can't then i move on and forget about anything and that certain person because in my opinion no one deserves to be treated badly.  That's why i just want this world and school to respect everyone and be kind to each other.  Just be you ! Don't let anyone tell you that you're a bad person, they don't understand you.....
Just be you !^.^
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