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Title: Drawing Article
By Michelle

Hey lions!  This is the drawing center, a place for students who can show us their drawing skills in the newspaper!  So come on students, draw and submit a drawing  on the web!  Every edition, we’ll decide a winner and post it here, with a picture and their name.  Anyone can submit their drawings through Mr. Garretson or online at home where they can draw with their computers.  You can draw anything you want as long as it’s appropriate.  Some subjects recommended are about nature and interesting stuff, such as people or animals.  If you want, you can do it in black and white, colored(crayon, colored pencils, or markers), or be creative(spray paint, painting, finger painting) and work with your hands or feet!  But the drawing must be hand drawn/feet drawn or mouse drawn.  Things to draw are: cars, pets, fashion, people, flowers, the beach, house, anime, outer space, amusement parks, and so much more!  If you worked hard, we could put how much time it took for you to draw it.  This applies for all ages young or old, student or teacher, just have fun being an awesome artist. Below on the right is the winner of the month and on the left is the picture(If you want it).

                        Example!                                                                                                                                                     Me!

Hooray! Congratulations to Me! This was submitted to us on Sept. 13, 2012. The next winner will be posted next edition, so come and check it out!

Help Me!

Online: If you need help on submitting, hopefully you can draw a picture and see a link and draw. If not, talk to Mr. Garretson

Offline: Give to Mr. Garretson

If your drawing didn’t get picked, don’t worry! Keep on submitting to us and maybe one day you will get picked, all the while improving your skills.  Students and teachers only.

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Draw away!

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