How Do You Feel About Middle School?
By: Ericka Chrisman

Do you like having P.E everyday?
Brooke: Yes because we get to go in the gym and hang out.

Do you like not having reccess anymore?
Gabriel: Its ok, it makes it easier not to get in trouble as much.

How do you feel about being in middle school? All the new changes from elementary school. Having P.E everyday and changing  in front of people. Not having recess anymore only having lunch to hang out with friends. Now having 6 periods of classes and different teachers. Wow thats a lot of new changes! I know when I first started RCMS I was terrified, but don’t worry about it, it’ll get easier on in the year. Don’t forget the best part though......... getting to make new friends!!!

Wow you’re finally in middle school!!! Now there’s going to be a lot of new changes. You’re going to have P.E everyday and have to change in front of people. I know your probably shy to change in front of random strangers, but you’re going to have to get used to it. Everyone is going to have to do the same thing you’re there for. It’s not all that bad though you’re in and out in 4 minutes. You’re also going to be doing a series of different actives such as; basketball, football, soccer, jumprope and any other ones your teacher wants to do, but my favorite is the mini olympics. Just wait and see your going to have fun!!!

The biggest thing I hated was not having recess!!! Not having that 15 minutes between classes to go outside and hang out with your friends. Now you’re going to have to sit in class for 45 minutes and actually work!! You’re only going to be able to see your friends at lunch now, unless you have them in some of your classes then you got lucky. Its probably a big change for you, from having recess and being able to see your friends to not having recess and only lunch!! At least you have lunch though, plus at lunch there is a lot of fun activities to do with your friends. Oh and on Friday you there is music and sometimes even activities you can do on the stage.

  Six graders how do you fell about 6 periods of classes and more than 1 teacher? Are you scared or mad that you have to keep getting up to go to different classes? I know when I was a six grader I loved being able to get up and go outside and walk around for 4 minutes. Trying to walk through all the people that are in the hallway just to get to your other class must be different from staying in one class all day. Just make sure you’re not being rude and pushing cause some kids might get mad, but as long as you’re saying excuse me then don't worry about it.

How do you feel about 6 peroid of classes?
Mya: I like having 6 periods of classes because they're fun and easy.

How do you feel about not having reccess, but getting to do p.e everyday?
Anthony: It's awesome cause its fun and cool to do P.E

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