Sixth Graders Changing Schools
By: Romario B.
    “It is a big difference from being in elementary school to going to middle school! Middle school is a strict! It has up to six different teachers for every period ! It is a harder school!” These are probably the words that the sixth graders were saying when they got to Rancho Cucamonga Middle School.
    Well if you look at the circumstances closely middle school isn’t that strict. All it has is bigger consequences than you would have in elementary school. People just some times look at everything in a bad form and think that middle school is a bad grade level school to be in. Looking at the bright side of RCMS, this school isn’t that mean at all.
    When people see the 6 different periods they freak out and think that they’ll be late to one of their classes. Well, it’s ok because there is a 4 minute passing period in between every period so you have enough time to get to  class on time. Also don’t worry if you look at one of the teachers and think their mean. The teachers only are strict  if your mean or don’t do homework. Every teacher has a good and friendly side in them, you just have to find it in them.
    Middle school isn’t hard. It only seems hard because the school wants you to be more responsible and mature.
The school wants you to see that you’re not a in elementary. Also that you are not little kids and you have to start behaving like young adults. It is for the good of the students.
      RCMS is a good school. It is a well taught and an educated school. It will be an awesome, cool and learning experience to be in Rancho Cucamonga Middle School.

Qustion: How do you feel about being a sixth grader and changing schools?

Jonathan said that he was nervous
at first but now he actually enjoys
the school.
Alberto says that he is comfortable
with the school and actually likes
it more than his old school.

Hosua says that he likes all his
teachers and that their very nice.
Allaina says that she felt like she
was starting a new, better, and
responsible life

                                                                        RCMS ROCKS!                                                   
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