YOYOYO EVERYBODY!!!  Are you ready to get your inner cat out?   Well you can on the  Rancho Cucamonga  Middle School dance team!!  They practice every friday and perform everywhere.  Also it’s lots of fun and good exercise.

                The first dance that will be performed by the middle school dance team, will be on Halloween day and the dance is going to be based on the music video of Michael Jackson’s hit song Thriller and the people on the team are all going to be dressing up like zombies....
There are over 40 people on the dance team so thats alot of zombies!!  There are 6th, 7th, and 8th graders  on the team, so everyone is starting too get to know each other and practice in the gym.  The dance team will  performed at the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade lunches to show off there very fun entertaining moves!!  I’m sure everyone  that is planning too watch the performance  will love it and  can’t wait until Halloween.  Also people on the team  who have anything lower than a  C- will not perform on halloween until they get there grades up, another thing  is kids on the team who are disruptive and are not respectful  to the dance instructors and the other people on  the team will not perform.
Also if you want to see the names of the people on the dance team you can look on the girls locker room door.   The people who tried out, all worked really hard to get in zone of playing there parts as a zombie.   I’m sure that it’s going to be alot of fun practicing the dance every friday until halloween....

Here are the people on the team:

Here is Mrs.Cruz/director:

Joke of the Day: What dance do all kids do at the end of summer?
A= The Tango (tan-go)!