8th Graders and High School
                                                        By: Samantha

Remember when we first started sixth grade and couldn't wait to go to high school because we were so close? Well now that we are finally eighth graders and just one step away from high school, we don't want to leave. The eighth grade students of RCMS are finally eighth graders and aren't ready to leave our lovable middle school. We have made so many memories here, made new friends, got to know the teachers, and better yet completed another chapter in our lives. We have grown into young and responsible eighth graders, we will forever miss RCMS.

The eighth grade lions are so excited for their last year here at RCMS that they cant wait to leave, but not all of us want to say our goodbyes. Some of us are going our different ways when we hit high school. Some are going to Chaffey High School, Rancho, Alta loma High, Colony, and Los Osos, but thats what making new friends is about. I have asked four eighth graders on how they feel about going to high school, what high school they might go to, and what are their opinions about high school.

Marc said that he can't wait for high school and he is going to Rancho high school.  I asked Dannica what friend she will miss the most and what are her thoughts about high school, she said her best friend Victoria and she thinks high school will be a lot different than middle school. Clifford said that he feels good about high school and is going to Alta Loma high. The last person i asked was Victoria, she said she will miss her closet friend Dannica and thinks high school will be scary and bigger than middle school.

                     Marc             Dannica and Victoria                            Clifford                
We all have our different opinions on high school, it will be scary, it will be fun, its exciting, its terrifying, its bigger than middle school, and it will probably be the same as middle school, they're all different no matter what. We have cherished these three years here at RCMS and are finally ready to say our goodbyes. Once we leave middle school, we are off to start a new adventure at high school. Even though we are no longer eighth graders we will forever be RCMS Lions.

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