Extended lunch

By Patrick Macias         

  RCMS Lion's Times

Are students glad about the new rewards this year? Zarihen said "Yes because it will influence students to try harder in school"
Do you think that lunch is too short? There are some changes this year for all grades lunches. RCMS is introducing extended lunch this year for all grades. All you need to do to get extended lunch almost every week is to not have any missing assignments. Extended lunch will be an extra twenty minutes! That’s a whole advisory period! Hopefully this will get a lot of students motivated not to get any missing assignments this year. Will they try harder not to get any missing assignments? Kayla said “I will because I can have more fun in school” Do they have any ideas for other rewards? Melanie said “it would be cool if they gave us all day to play like last year”.

      Extended lunch is a longer lunch that will give you more time to play or hang out with your friends. Having extended lunch will mix grades also. Like how 7th graders will be able to play with 8th graders for a while. So if you have a friend who’s not in your grade, you can hang out with them besides in the morning or after school.
    This year Mr. LaVallee is trying very hard to award students for their hard work. Some rewards will carry over from last year like Lion’s Den. The reason for all thes rewards is probably to get students motivated to do well in school. So if you want to have more time to play and hang out with your friends, I suggest you should try to get extended lunch.

How do students feel about extened lunch? Solomon said "I like extended lunch because we have more time to play football"