New School Year!
By: Eileen

In the 2013-2014 school year, RCMS has many new things for the new school year! We all know that RCMS is already a fun school to be at with all of the activities they already have, but they added some new things to have a great year. One of the new things we have this year is extended lunch for students who don’t have missing assignments. Some 6th graders this year also have an elective!

    Extended lunch is kind of like a reward for students who do not have any missing assignments. All you have to do is do your work and turn it in on time. It is an extra 20 minutes for you to hang out with your friends and have fun. You can always make up for your missing work. It can be a fun time because when you’re in class you can’t always talk to your friend. So just have fun and hang out!
    Some 6th graders who got advanced on their state test have electives this year. Others have extension on math and language arts . They switch extensions while the 6th graders, who have an elective, have the class year long.  Mya said, ”Computer class is fun but it is a little hard.” Henrry also had computers and said, “It's fun. I feel special that I have an elective because a lot of 6th graders don’t have one.”So as you can see, they are happy with the new change of classes.

    As the year goes on, there will be more things to come. These are only just some of the things we have this year! There will be more fun events and activities! The year will go on with us having a great time learning and socializing with others! So enjoy the new things for the 2013-2014 school year!



6th Grade: Mya

6th Grade: Henrry

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