8th grade football
By Isaiah Hernandez
      We play with pig skin! You see what I did there? I hope you did because this article is about 8th grade football at lunch! We all enjoy to play football with are friends don’t we? I’m going to tell you when is football available, why it's fun to some people, and how you can participate.
        When is football available? Football is available at lunch and at P.E. We don’t have sports after school but RCMS is working on it. P.E football is only a unit for about 2 weeks then you work on the next activity. Football lunch is available every day. Those are the only available ways you can play football at RCMS.

Do you think RCMS should have after school sports? Jacob said “Yes because you can have more time to play with friends after school.”
Do you enjoy playing football at RCMS? Moises said “Yes but it's only fun with friends.”

        Why is it fun to RCMS students? Students think it's fun because its very competitive and its a place to have more time with friends. Another reason students think its fun is because they stay active and not just sitting down doing nothing. I asked some students who play football and they say its fun because it takes away there stress and worries about school.
            How can you participate in football at lunch? To participate in football at lunch you will need to turn in something like a bracelet or a backpack to the ASB and they’ll give you a football. If you don’t turn in the football at the end of lunch they will keep your stuff until you give back the football. It doesn’t have to be you it can be a friend or you can join in a football game that has already started.

Would you participate in after school sports if RCMS had it and why? Damen said “No because I already participate in a sport but I think other students who don’t have after school sports would like it.”
Would you like to face other schools at football? Joshua said “I would like to face other schools because it seems fun.”

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