by Leann henson

    Hello everyone and welcome to my fashion column! In this article, I'm going to show you what's in and what's out in fashion. I'm going to show some examples of trends that aren't as popular as they used to be.  Also, I'm going to give a little insight on trends that are still growing strong, plus a few new ones in the making. Finally I'm going to talk about how you don’t have to follow all the fashion trends if you don’t want to.

    First off, I know it’s been at least a month since we came back from summer vacation, so welcome back! Right now I’m going to talk about some fashion fads that need to take a little vacation themselves:
1. Mustaches: THEY WERE EVERYWHERE LAST YEAR! They were on rings/earrings, shirts, belts, backpacks, nails, etc. They were constantly worn last year, and are still overused right now.
2. Lace Headbands: Headbands have been replaced with hairbands.
3. The Color Mint: Mint was by far the most worn color at R.C.M.S. last year, but now dark colors have taken their place.

    Now here is an insight on current and possible upcoming ones. Some trends that are still in style are:
1. Navajo Print
2. California Republic products
3. Diamond products
4. High-low skirts
5. Lace
6. Crop tops(remember to wear an undershirt)
7. Studs
8. Knotted Tops

    There are also some trends in the making as well. These are some of the things that I’ve been seeing people wear at school.:




    Finally, I’d like to talk about how it’s okay to wear what you want to wear, and that you don’t have to follow all the trends that are going on around you. The trends that I’ve said are popular or non-popular are just suggestions. If you choose to follow these trends, then that’s great. If you don’t want to, then that’s alright too. You shouldn’t read this and think that since you’re not following all the trends in school, you’re not cool. That’s not true. You’re allowed to wear whatever clothes you want in school(as long as it’s okay with the school’s dress code), so please, don’t think that you have to be like everybody else.

    Thank you all so much for reading Fashinsanity and I hope that you enjoyed it. Bye!!