Students Favorite Online Games
By: Vincent Abagat

    Hey, do you want to play a game? Well you came to the right place because this is an article about most popular online computer games from the students of RCMS. Most people play First Person Shooters on game systems, but what do people think about online games? When I mean online I don’t mean Xbox Live or Playstation Network, I’m talking about online games on the computer. Games like Role Playing Games(RPGS) and Massive Multiplayer Online(MMO).

    I will find people to interview and ask their opinion
of their favorite online game. I will also ask the students for a rating of the online game they play on the computer from 1-10(10 being great and 1 being awful). Examples of MMO or RPG games are Minecraft, World of Warcraft, AQWorlds, Guild Wars 2, and Team Fortress 2. Most people don't like these games because they think they're boring or lame, but I hope this article helps you to atleast try a MMO or MMORPG game.

    I interviewed a student named Salvador and he thinks that a fun computer game to play is World of Warcraft. He says the game has great gameplay and great storyline. This game has some disadvantages of playing though. One of them is, buying membership to level up to higher levels. The second disadvantage of getting this game is that you have to download the game to play. Playing the game without the disadvantages, Salvador rated this game is 9/10. He highly recommends other students to play.

    The next person I interviewed was a student named Nick and the computer game he think is fun is Minecraft. Nick says that Minecraft is a great game because its a game where you can have an endless build. To him Minecraft has a great gameplay and great combat, but this game has disadvantages too. Minecraft for the PC cost $30 and you also have to download the game too. Once you download it, it will take up a lot of data in your computer and depending if your computer is working good or bad, the game will not work or lag(A LOT). Nick gives this game a rating of 9.5 out of 10 without the lag. Minecraft is a fun game with endless possibilities and even includes boss battles(only 2 bosses has been made so far). Nick thinks that more people should play and he highly recommends other students to play.