Bring Afterschool Sports Back
By:Luis Arroyo

Are you an athletic person? Do you want to play football with your friends after school? Well it’s too late because the school ended the after school sports program. When we had this program we could compete against other middle schools. This was cut off so that the school could save money. Mr. English is currently trying to bring back after school sports. With your help we can bring back sports and compete against other schools!

    I interviewed Mr. English and he told me he is trying everything he can to bring back sports. I asked for Mr. Schumacher’s opinion and he told me he wished we had them back.

The schools we could compete against are: Heritage Intermediate School, Cucamonga Middle School, Summit Intermediate School, Alta Loma Junior High, Day Creek Intermediate School, Ruth Musser Middler School, and Etiwanda Intermediate School.

 "I can't wait for the day we get after school sports back"-Mr. Schumacher
We played different sports during different times of the year. We played volleyball and football from September to November, basketball from December to February, soccer from February to March, and track from April to May.

    With after school sports we can hang out with our friends more often, and It would also be a good way to spend time. Having after school sports would make us more fit and athletic.You can help bring this program back by asking your parents to call the school district and requesting the return of after school sports.

I interviewed students of RCMS and these are the responses I got. The question is which after school sport do you prefer?

John's favorite sports are football and track.
Neo's favorite sports are soccer and track.
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