RCMS, The Sculptor

 Middle school is like an artist. It helps shape you, it's just one of your many stepping stones you'll face in order to find
your true purpose.

  The affects of junior high mold not only yourself, but also your preferences, and even your choice of friends. Our school holds so many different secret personas, stories & talents that have been chiseled, chipped away, and built upon by RCMS the sculptor. And through this article, I hope to discover a few.

6th Graders

The new flock. I was in 6th grade a time not too far from now. I know just how it feels. You feel like you're just a new flock of gazelles, prancing along in a school full of hungry lions. (Lions. get it? See what I did there.) It's only been about a month now, and I guarantee that you guys have heard, 'Aww look at the little 6th graders!" or "Ew another 6th grader", or the most common one, "Aw what do you know? You're just a 6th grader." I hope that you know that not all 8th graders are as rude. Understand that this is our last year here at the top of the school food chain, and next year we're going to be back the very bottom. We don’t necessarily think that we’re better. Nope, not at all. You just haven't fully experienced the concept of middle school. You probably think that you do, but you really don't. I know that you still have a bit of elementary school in you. Even I barely understand it, but to repeat after what my parents say every single day. ‘you'll get it when your older'.


What has been your favorite thing about middle school so far? & Your least
favorite thing about it?

What do you like about middle school that elementary school
doesn't have?


"I like having my friends
"I didn't like the work that we
were getting."

"The elevators, they're cool."

  6th Grade Oscar

"Lunch is my favorite thing, I like the open space."
"I do not like social studies."
"Too much work."

"The open space & all the freedom we have. Like walking the halls with out a teacher."

  Zericka 6th new
  "Having more teachers

   & the stairs make
   things easier. Saves

"Nothing is bad about it."

7th Graders

You guys. You're stuck in the middle. No longer 6th graders, but so close to being 8th graders. Not the most talked about grade, but be prepared. 8th grade comes faster than you think, and middle school slips away from you even faster. So I think that the best advice that I can give you is, just stay true to yourself. Yeah you'll change, change is great. But don't lose your true self in the mess of middle school.

How has your personality
since you left elementary
Are you excited for
8th grade?


"I'm not sure. I think I've
a little bit more mature.
I don't know. Just a little
"Yeah, I'm looking forward
to going to Knott's



"People have told me that I've
gotten nicer. So I guess I have."

"I'm not really excited. I'm
more scared than excited
actually. I don't want to
walk into a new class and
not find any of my friends."

8th Graders

The cool cats. (sort of, maybe except for me, I'm kind of lame.)
We're no longer naive cubs, fresh from elementary school, but roaring lions, about to leave for high school. We're going to leave some old friends, to discover new ones. We’re leaving the school that some of us have known for 3 years, to go to a brand new one. It’s our last year, why not make it a memorable one? Middle school WILL change you, whether you'd like to or not, let's just make this change for the better.

What has been your
favorite year here at RCMS
so far? & Why?
What's your opinion on the
changes RCMS has made since
6th grade? (Like the Lion's den,
extended lunch, etc.)
Trinity (left, interviewed) & her friend Brieana.

"My favorite year was 7th grade, because I met new friends. Even though
they were/are weird, I love them anyways."

"In my opinion other than those things, which are fun, not much has changed. And I love it."

"Definitely 7th grade. I met new friends that I still talk to today, and I probably will for
a long time."

"I like the Lion's den, and the different music they play."
"As far as other students, personalities have changed."

Change can be good, and it can also be bad. The important thing is that in the end, it'll only help improve your insight for the future.

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."
- Winston Churchill.

Have a great day Lions, thanks for reading!

By:Yvanna Reyes

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