Lightning Strikes Mrs. Gonzales’ House
By: Elysia

           Hey Lions recently on Thursday the 11th it was raining. Towards the middle of the day there was thunder and lightning. Around 11:40 lightning hit Mrs. Gonzales’ house!!! I asked her what happened that night and what she did after. Here is how it went.

What happened during that night?

      Actually, the big boom we heard at RCMS around 11:40 was lightning hitting her garage.  The lightning shot across the sky during a downpour of rain, hit her garage, causing her electrical box to explode.  The explosion caused one of her neighbors, who was outside, to fly into the street.  The sound shook the surrounding houses and caused her whole street to lose their cable, Internet and some electricity.  The light from the explosion was so bright it was seen at Rancho High School that's 5 blocks away! Her house was basically electrocuted.  Yesterday, she found out that their is also a gas leak in the ground, which is very dangerous.

What did you do after the lightning hit your garage?

  She was at lunch when Ms. Chavez came in to tell her that her garage was on fire!! She threw her lunch away, wrote quick plans on her board for the sub, and ran out to her truck.  When she arrived at her home, it was surrounded by fire trucks, neighbors, and news vans.  The fireman told her that they put out the fire, tore down some of the walls to inspect for fire in the wall, and used a special devise to check if the house was free of electricity. She asked how her dog was and they said they did not see a dog! She whistled and Stubbs came running down the stairs, shaking and startled.  He is doing fine now. Her whole family is now living in a motorhome in front of their house. Well that's all for today see you later!!!

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