A.R. Article
By: Shawn

Hey Lions!!! what’s new, well hopefully every things great. I bet everyone knows about A.R. In case you  didn’t know A.R. stands for Accelerated Reader. I’m sure one day in your life you had to read a book. Well a lot of great things will happen for you if you do it this year.

Okay Lions!!! When you read your books this year you have to get a certain amount of points. Each grade level has a different amount of points they have to get throughout the trimester. If you get a good reading score you might get to go to the A.R. party. If you go way past your goal, you will get to go to Scandia sometime during the last month of school. There are a lot of good books out there so find one you’re comfortable with and read it.

About A.R. Party!!! Lions when you get in, it is gonna be so awesome. There is going to be a movie that you will get to watch and they change every time. You will get a soda, a lollipop, and chips. At the end of the movie, you will get prizes on how many tickets you have earned. You will get tickets by earning a lot of points, so read a lot of books!!!!

Now Lions!!! You know pretty much about this now.  There are a lot of good authors like Suzanne Collins who made "Hunger Games", or like James Patterson. I’m sure you will find your favorite author. A lot of books like "Harry Potter" gives out many points, but you could also just read small chapter books and get a lot of points too. Alright Good Luck Lions!!! I know you can make it to all the cool things I was talking about, you just have to keep reading books. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!

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