Winter/Fall Fashion
                                                                                                                                                             by: Kiley
    Hey Lions (: The weather lately has been really hot and we’ve been waiting for some cold weather. Well it’s finally here! During Winter and Fall it starts to get colder and people start to dress different than they would during the Summer. It’s time to start wearing warmer clothes and stop wearing cooler clothes from the Summer.

     There are different styles of clothing that start to come out during different seasons. For example, during Summer people wear tanks, shorts, and sandals. During Winter or Fall people wear clothing such as sweaters, leggings, jackets, hoodies, boots, jeans, scarves, beanies, and long sleeved shirts. This Summer has been really hot and people couldn’t wait for it to start getting colder. Instead of having to wear all your Summer clothes, you can finally start wearing your Winter or Fall clothes.
    For girls, during the Winter/Fall they usually wear leggings, boots, jackets and scarves. Sometimes they even wear hoodies and jeans when they don’t really want to get dressed up. Girls can also add some jewelry to dress the outfit up a little bit more. As for shoes, the girls mostly wear boots, sneakers, or even sometimes Uggs. Leggings are also very popular right now in winter fashion. There are many different types and styles of jackets that girls can also wear. Girls have a variety of things they can wear in Winter or Fall.

    As for the boys, they usually wear hoodies, jeans, sneakers, or in some cases, leather jackets. Boys can’t really add accessories like girls can because that would be kind of weird. :p One thing that a lot of guys do wear though, are beanies. There are different colors and styles of beanies that guys can wear. Guys are usually really casual so there isn’t that much of different things they can wear for the Winter/Fall weather.

            Other than that, that’s all there is to know about Winter and Fall fashion (:
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