Live drug free.
By: Khaled.

Hey lions! Enjoying life?  Well you should be because you’re drug free!  Well most of you are.  Drugs are bad and destroy your life.  Here’s a couple reasons why you shouldn’t do drugs: It ruins your lungs, shortens your life, and rottens your teeth.  Do you want that?  I know I wouldn’t.  I don’t do drugs and I feel great!

Not doing drugs is such an amazing thing.  Here’s some good reasons why you shouldn’t do drugs:  You can stay healthy, live a longer life, and stay active.  You can grow up, have kids, and play with them without getting tired.

The worst part about drugs is getting addicted.  Once addicted it’s almost impossible to get off of them.  Addiction can lead to drug abuse .  When without drugs you will almost do anything to get it.  You will lie or steal just to get drugs. Addiction can lead to memory loss or an overdose. Memory loss is terrible. It can get bad to the point where you forget peoples names. Overdosing is just terrible.  Doing too much drugs can just lead to death.

Drugs can also take you places where you never thought you could end up.  You can end up in an insane asylum or jail or just nowhere to live.  It can take you to a deep dark place, and you’ll just lose your mind.  Drugs is just not worth it.  So stay in school and stay healthy.

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