R.I.P. Joshua
By: Alyssa

On Monday night, October 8th at around 11 p.m. Joshua Roberson was killed in a tragic car accident in Upland. Joshua was driving with his mom, his mother survived but sadly Joshua didn’t make it.

The crash happened at the intersection of Arrow Hwy. and Campus Ave. Kyle Bahensky ran a red light and hit the car carrying Joshua and his mother. Joshua’s car ended up in a driveway of a vacant house. The car caught on fire after the crash but firefighters put out the fire quickly. Joshua was pronounced dead at the scene and his mother was taken to Arrowhead Hospital with minor injuries. Kyle Bahensky ran from the crash on foot, the police later were able to track him down by his license plate on his car. After the crash Bahensky was taken to the hospital for small injuries and then police arrested him with felony charges for the hit and run. The police don’t know if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. The force of the crash made the driveway roof to collapse on Joshua’s car.

Joshua attended Los Amigos in elementary school. He is remembered by many of his friends and his teachers. Joshua came to RCMS in the 6th grade but left and went to Upland Junior High School. He loved playing baseball and played for the Upland Angels. Joshua was on the honor roll at his school. One of Joshua’s teachers said that Joshua taught him about life.  His friends said that they always saw Joshua with a smile on his face.

Rest In Peace Joshua, We miss you.

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