Here are some 6th graders that are weird, but in a good way! (:

      Julio says ;                                                        Anthony says ;      
                           Denise says ;                    Jose says ;
Now, here are some weird 7th graders! ^-^

         Rojanai says ;                                        Adrian says ;
Julio says ;        

And finally, here are some weird 8th graders! :D
      Kaitlyn says ;                                              Francisco says ;

Qiara says ;                                                     Paola says ;

Remember, you don't have to worry about ever being too weird or of what other people think of you.
If it makes you feel good or you enjoy doing it, then just do it even though it's weird!

Thank you for reading my article, and thankyou to those who were brave enough to share their weirdness with me! (;

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