Superheros    By: Patty
Hey there fellers I’ve been wondering whats your favorite superhero? Mine is SUPERMAN, I love superman because he’s super duper strong.  His hair is the most awesome hair I have ever seen,l ike nobody else has blue and silky hair but him. Superman is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen.  I love his way of saving people, in a lovely matter.  He just has a why of making everything awesome.  I love superman my hero.I've been curious about other favorite heroes  students might have so here are some of the people I've asked and there response
Destanie -  SPIDERMAN is so handsome and can shoot webs out of his bare hands. It was cool how he transformed by getting bit by a spider. The one thing I love the most is the way he crawls on the walls. I like how I have a fear of spiders but apparently I'm not scared of him{;

Adriana -    BATMAN all the way because he's awesome and very good looking and then when he rides his bat-mobile it’s amazing I love the way he fights crime and saves all those people in trouble

 Khaled -   CAPTAIN AMERICA is super cute I love the colors of his costume how it goes with the colors of the flag OMG I love watching him fight he’s so cool the way he moves and stuff it gets me going

Samantha -  FLASH is a superhero that is cool.  I think Flash is unique and I also like how he saves his people.  Flash is the fastest hero around.  No other is like him.  Which is why I like Flash. Hahahaha.  He is cool.  .___.

                    I was taking surveys and this is what I got .
                    SUPERMAN - 7
                    BATMAN - 8
                    SPIDERMAN - 6
                    CAPTAIN AMERICA - 2
                    FLASH - 5
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