Project Runway

StevenSteven DiAnna
                 Hey there students of RCMS.!:) Well I hope you guys are enjoying all of the cool activities going on at school.  One specific activity going on is Fun Friday, where ASB choose a fun activity for students to participate and win prizes during their lunch break.  On Friday the fifth there was a really cool activity that students got to do, it was called Project Runway.  This activity took place on the stage.  Project Runway is an activity where students design an outfit out of colorful paper and walk down a runway laid out for them.  The students walk down the Runway in their own creations, but the rest of the students watching get to choose which outfit looks the best and who can walk the runway.  The student that wins gets a piece of candy provided by ASB.  While all this is happening some students that aren’t that interested in this activity get to listen to music that ASB picks out.  They do this so all students in every grade level get a chance to enjoy their lunch whether its playing in an activity or listening to music.
                  These are some of the students that participated and gave me their opinion on how they felt about this specific activity.  Eighth grader Steven said, “I had a lot of fun, my favorite part was when I got dressed up  in the weirdest outfit, and the fact that I won.”  Dianna said, “I kind of liked it, the fun part about it was that my friends and I got to design my dress, but when it was all done I had a lot of fun.”  These are just two of the  of the many students that got to participate in Project Runway.  I hope everyone enjoyed this Fun Friday activity.!!:)

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