8th Grade ASB Leadership XD

Title: Leadership class
By: Samantha

Heyy Lions,  It's me again. This article will be about our very own 8th grade leadership class. In this article you will learn whats it like to be in ASB, what you do in the class, and how do you get into ASB.  I will also include 4 interviews; Kimi, Tonya, and katelie, (students of ASB) and lets not forget their teacher Ms. Delligatta.

What’s it like to be in ASB? Well according to Kimi, “Fun and I like being a role model to  6th and 7th graders”. According to Tonya, “Fun because I love planning fun events without nobody else knowing, I love to skip class.” Finally Katelie thinks that ASB is “Really Fun and kind of exciting.” What are your jobs in ASB? Well, there many positions in ASB but the three ASB students that I interviewed say that their positions are of Fun Fridays. How do you get into ASB? Well, first you have to get a 3.0 or higher, you must make your AR goal every trimester, you also have to write a 300 word essay and you must get 2 recommendations . Is being in ASB worth all of your hard work? Tonya said “Yea it is,  and its fun to see students compete in Fun Friday.” Kimi said “Yes”. Lastly Katelie said “Yes because it is worth it”. What kind of assignments do you receive? Well, they Paint, make posters, Birthdays, and special events. How many events are you planning? All of the ASB students said countless Fun Fridays, dances, and of course the promotion. How do you come up with such awesome Fun Fridays? Tonya, Kimi, and Katelie said “We combine our ideas and make them into one".

Finally, I interviewed Ms. Delligatta. How did you become the ASB teacher? Ms. Delligatta said “The position was open and I applied.” Do you enjoy being the ASB teacher? Well, she said “Yes, I do”. What did you teach before ASB? More quotes “Well I still teach Language Arts and History, but I just added ASB.” What does your class do on a daily bases? I quote Ms. Delligatta “First the students walk in and I give instructions, and then they just work independently in their committees.

I just want to take the time to thank the ASB members for  taking the time to answer my questions and to the readers for clicking on my article. See you next time. ^_^ 

       Tonya :D          Katalie :)      Kimi  <3

  Ms. Delligatta  ;)Mr

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