HALLOWEEN! By: Adriana
Hey guys!!! Did you guys know that Halloween is coming up!?  So what are you guys going to dress up like?  What is your favorite candy?  Are you going to go trick or treating?  Well I asked some people some questions here is what they said.

Amanda- For Halloween I’m going to dress as Red Riding Hood :D.  I plan on going to a mall to go trick or treating.  Also, I don’t plan on going door to door because most people in my neighborhood hate me :(, but oh well I hope the mall gives out a lot of chocolate bars :D

Patty- I am going to dress up as SUPERGIRL, I am going to go trick or treating with some of my old elemen
tary friends, I’m hoping to get a lot of Sour Patch Kids I’m in love with them I don’t really think I’m going to be out knocking doors for a long time maybe just for an hour or 2 but I’m really looking forward to going out with some of my friends.

Samantha- This Halloween I am going to dress up as a fairy.  I will go trick or treating with my family and my friends.  It is never to old to go out on Halloween and have fun.  lol.  Hahahaha.  I hope I get a lot of yummy candy and not the nasty type.  Last year we went trick or treating and they gave me a bag of popcorn.  -.-  I mean is it really that difficult to go to Wal-Mart and buy a bag of candy? My Lord.  Well yeah.  I hope this Halloween is a fun year and that people aren’t so cheap this time(;
Well I hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween day. See you next time! Bye. :D

^ These are the girls that I interviewed.
(Starting from the right is Samantha, Amanda, Patty)
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