Rest in Paradise Amanda Michelle Todd ~
                       By: Destanie
Hey Lions ! Have you heard of a girl that got bullied bad from her past and her present? Her name was Amanda Michelle Todd.  Amanda was a Canadian girl who committed suicide after suffering torment that led to anxiety and depressions.  It first started when she was in 7th grade, she usually likes going online to video chat to meet new friends.  An anonymous user kept telling her she was “pretty, beautiful and perfect.”  He asked her to flash him.  So she did.  He took a picture of her topless, but she didn't know. Then on Christmas break, she got a message on Facebook from him saying “Give me a show or I’ll send your chest to everyone you know.” She ignored the message.  At four in the morning a police was knocking at her door and gave her the news that the photo of her exposing herself and now its on the Internet...  So she moved schools.

The anonymous user who put up her photo was now turning into her stalker, he started following her, he also created a Facebook page and used her breasts as his profile image.  Sooner or later the bullies would pick on her, she was starting to experience depressions, anxiety, panic disorder, and started to do drugs and alcohol to escape her pain of her daily life.  As her desperation piled up, she started cutting herself.  Again she  has changed schools hoping for no one to know her past.  When a boy that she liked  from her old school, contacted her, she agreed to met up with him.  He had led her on...  After a couple of weeks, she had found out that he had lied to her about having a girlfriend.  His girlfriend knew what happen between them, she went to her new school. She told Amanda “No body likes you,” in front of Amanda’s new friends and new school.   

Someone yelled out “Just punch her already,” so she did.  They throw her down to the ground and left her there.  Her father found Amanda in a ditch.  She got home and drank Bleach.  When everyone found out she drank it, bullies would tag her in bleach pictures, write hurtful things on her wall.  So she finally got tired of getting bullied, so on Wednesday she hung herself.
Rest in paradise Amanda Todd.

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