By: Alyssa(;

     Hey there! :D Guess what month it is!  Yup, it’s October and you know what that means.  Halloween is coming up on the 31st!  Who’s going trick-or-treating?  For those of you who don't go trick-or-treating or don’t know what it is, I will explain it to you.  Every year on the 31st of October, you dress up in a costume at night.  Then you go door to door with a bag and say or scream TRICK-OR-TREAT!  (;  After you say those words, the person who owns or takes care of the house will put candy in your bag.  Then you go on to the next house and repeat this process.  By the time you finished your trick-or-treating, your bag should be full of candy!  (:  If not then you probably didn’t get to much houses and came home early.  It's usually younger kids who like and enjoy going trick-or-treating because they get most of the candy and they enjoy dressing up in a costume.  But there are still older kids who like to go trick-or-treating for the candy.  I asked one student from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to answer a question about Halloween or trick-or-treating.  Here’s what they said:

Me: What is your favorite part about Halloween?

6th Grader Melissa: Trick-or-treating!

Me: What are you going to be for Halloween?

7th Grader Vanessa: A greaser.

Me: What do you like about trick-or-treating?

8th Grader Dianna: Getting the candy!

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