Advanced Computers
                                                                                                                                                                                             By: Jacky
  Hi Lions! Well I wanted to let you know what happens in Advanced Computers and what we do. I'm pretty sure you know that we do the yearbook and the newspaper! Right know in Advanced Computers were working on the newspaper what your reading write now! We update the newspaper 2 times every trimester. So make sure to check it out often, to see if we updated it. There's also a lot of awesome different article not just mine xD. They are articles that can inspire you and cheer you up and some that just let you know some things maybe you don't know. Every newspaper has a different purpose.  It's mostly about  informing you  about whats going on at school and what activities that are coming up.

   Now lets talk about the yearbook! Right know were just looking for the theme, cover, and what articles are going to be in it. But I'm not going to talk to much about the yearbook you will just have to buy one and find out. Right know the yearbook coasts $35 but as the year goes by the yearbook price rises so make sure that you buy your yearbook as soon as possible! You can buy your yearbook in room 14, Mr. Garretson's class or you can buy it online on the school website. Don't worry though with all are hard work and effort the yearbook will be worth buying.

  That's not all we do in Advanced Computers we also learn a lot of things. Mr. Garretson teaches us how to Photoshop, how to use Keynotes, and how to make the newspaper and yearbook look incredible. Well thats my article talking a little about what goes on in Advanced Computers..Back To Lion Times (: