Food Wars     By Martin

  This week on Food Wars we have Italian food VS. Mexican food .

Italian food  has a lot of delicious food . There is Pasta which has different sauces you can put on it. You can have Alfredo sauce or  Mozzarella sauce.  There are many other sauces that you can put on Pasta . One of Italy's food that most Americans enjoy today is Pizza. It is made of flat round bread with tomato sauce and the topping/toppings of your choice.


List of Pizza Toppings
Extra Cheese
   ...... and many more

Mexican Food also has many foods that are good. There are Burritos , a tortilla filled with beans and cheese or any kind of meat  in it. One of Mexico’s greatest foods is the Taco. It is a small tortilla with meat or fish in it.

Types of Meat
Spiced or Marinated Pork (Al Pastor)
Grilled Meat (Carne Asada)
Shredded Pork
Shredded Beef
 ......... and many more

What food do you like better? Mexican Food or Italian Food?

Alfred said: Mexican Food!
Brandon said: Mexican food is the best!
Dessiree said: Italian food  ... duh.
Jacob said: Both are good but I prefer Mexican food.
Roberto said: Mexican food is better.
Benjamin said: Mexican food all day
Ryan said: Italian food is way better
Spencer said: Itlalian food


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