Music Time
By Patrick

Ok lets talk about music.  There are many different types of music like, pop, rap, rock and many more.  There are different ways people show there spirits for their favorite bands, like shirts, hats, and wrist bands.  Why do people like these types of music and why do they like to were shirts and other apparel?

Hey what type of music do you like?
  Natalie : Dub-step, hip-hop, and pop
  Paul : Pop
  Hannah : Kpop
  Alex : Rock and Roll

What is your favorite band/artist?
  Natalie : One Direction because they sing good and are cute.
  Paul : Maroon 5 because there realy cool.
  Hannah : Shinee, B1A4 because they are awesome and cute
  Alex : U2 because they make me crazy

  How do You support your favorite band/artist?
  Natalie : mostly poster, shirts, and bracelets.
  Paul:  I don't really were shirts and stuff I just listen to the music.
  Hanna : posters and shirts
  Alex : shirts and other apparel

  Some popular new songs are, Live Like We Are Young by One Direction, One More Night by Maroon 5,  Tight Rope by Walk The Moon, Good Time by Owl City, Roger Rabbits by Sleeping With Sirens, We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift, and This Is Love by Will.I.Am.

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