Ever Had Trouble At School Or Home? 
                                                                                                                         by: Macy

                            Hey Guys (._.)/ serious question, have you ever had trouble at home & had to deal with it at school? It’s difficult, huh? Ever feel alone, like you have no escape & you have no one to talk to? yea, it happens a lot. But guess what? You can talk about it to almost ANYONE. Teachers, students, counselors, friends, parents or just anyone, I’m sure most people will understand.
                            What about family problems? Ever had anyone pass away that was close to you & you didn’t know how to deal with it? Ever had a fight at home with someone in your family? Ever had some kind of issue in your family that you can’t deal with? AND you had to come to school & try not to think about it? Try to get over it? Try to avoid it in any possible way? I know the feeling, but you know who will understand the most? FRIENDS. They always try to understand & help you out in any possible way, & If you don’t really find anyone of your friends trustworthy enough, then tell your parents or a teacher you trust. I know it’s difficult sometimes, but just remember, everything works out for the best. I know it may not seem like it at the time, but honestly if you can get put into a situation, you get put through a situation.
                            Ever felt lonely? For no reason? ever don’t know what you’re feeling? yea..it hurts, huh? I know. Have you ever just wanted to give up? not on life, but on everything else cause you don’t know how to deal with anything anymore? You then begin to fall behind in school, you alienate yourself from everyone & everything, you lose interest in things you were once so into, you begin to lose focus, you’re suddenly changing into someone you & everyone else knows you’re not. & After all that, you don’t even know why? Okay, now time for an more serious question..have you ever felt tempted to hurt yourself, in any way? You think about hurting yourself? You HAVE hurt yourself? You feel guilty afterwards, huh? You feel stupid, disappointed, mad, sad, angry, everything. You feel everything & nothing all at once? You know what you’re feeling, but then again you don’t. You seriously just want the world to slow down, just for a while so you can finally catch up. You feel so helpless & just so lonely. You can’t escape this feeling at all. You cry, become more emotional & everyone notices. You think no one in the world can & no one in the world will ever feel the deep devastation you feel? You think no one knows, huh? I do. GET HELP. please! Ask someone for help. I know you feel so helpless & you feel empty, but please, everything gets better. It has to, & I promise, you are not alone. This feeling can have an affect on EVERYTHING. Your grades, emotions & actions.   

             Talk to a teacher you trust, a family member, a friend, a counselor, or your parents.
Don't fall behind in school because of problems at home, or because of the way you feel.
& Until then, keep your head up & smile, your life is a blessing in disguise.
it gets better, I promise.


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