People In The World
    By: Hitoshi
        Hello Everyone!^-^

       So many people have a lot of different problems, some may have problems with friends, insecurity, family, relationships or more...
These problems can push the ones you love away, it can make you feel worthless and other depressing stuff, making you want to disappear.  Many people in this world are different and have  many different beliefs, I know someone, she's my best friend.  Two way different people!! I love her  though.  We understand each other like no body else.  Even though you have a million problems and maybe no friends or with a good life and good friends, you can’t give up. Don’t let life bring you down, put all the problems aside and focus on your main goal, which probably is school.  If you do have have problems, use them as a inspiration to push further and make your life successful.  As friends, we all tend to be there for each other, but some people don’t have that.  You live in this nation of America, this is where dreams come true!  Don’t let anyone bring you down!  Work hard for what you want, show that you deserve it.  Show people that you’re here for everyone, and inspire them on being a great influence in this world.  Make history, make people remember you for who you are!  Like I said, if you do have problems, use them to push further and after you will forget about those problems and then you will start fresh and begin a new life, your life.  You‘re just one person in this world!  Trying to succeed...

We are always here for each other, even if we don't know who they are.
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