AMERICA !!!!!!

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                Have you ever wondered how lucky we are to live in America?  I don't think we all do.  We as Americans are so lucky to have a Government that has made laws, and rules that we must follow to help us be safe.  The reason why the Government has made laws and rules are because without them we wouldn't have any self-control as people and wouldn't know how to act.  The other great thing about America is how we have our Police Officers, Firefighters, and Paramedics to help us make it through the day.  Without them could you imagine how much chaos there would be with fires, crimes, and emergencies?

               As Americans we sometimes have to think and remind ourselves of what some of the other less fortunate Countries go through.  In a lot of  other Countries people don't have a say in who their President should be, or what Religion they choose to believe in, and even what their allowed to wear outside their homes.  That is what makes America great and the Country that it is today.  We have our own rights and the sky is the limit, being a free country allows us to be whatever we set our mind too.  No one will hold you back as long as you keep your mind to it and keep your focus on your goal.
               Ever since our Country was founded in 1776 we have had the best country the world has ever seen.  All the way from our great inventions, to the way we developed our space and learning programs.  As long as we keep our heads focused on our goals and help try to keep America great then we will always be the greatest country ever known to the world.  It won't come easy but as long as we work together and take care of our home we should be just fine, so when ever you think we have it rough over here just make sure you remind your self how much worse things could be in another country, and then think to your self how lucky we are to live in the Land of the Free.


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