~Pajama Day~
 By: Jazmin
Hey Everyone!
Well on Friday October 12th was Pajama Day!
Pajama Day is where we came to school in our pajamas and if we participated we got a raffle ticket and got put in the raffle. Pajama Day is a fun day to dress up too because, we can see who participates in activities and we can dress up with our friends. Since it was cold everyone who wore pajamas wore pajama pants or footsies. Some things we were not allowed to bring or wear to school are pajama shorts, slippers, blankets, stuffed animals, boxers, and tank-tops. So I interviewed two, 6th graders, Maggie and Jacky. “I asked them what they liked about pajama day?” Maggie said, “She liked Pajama Day and being in Pajamas at school are comfortable.” Jacky said, “ When you wake up you don’t have to change into your clothes you will already be ready and she likes Pajama Day.” The most common pajamas that were worn were Hello Kitty, Spongebob, Cookie Monster, and Marvel Heroes. If you didn't participate then next year if you are a 6th or 7th grader then you should because you might have a chance in being in the yearbook or being in the raffle for prizes. Good job to all the people who participated! Well see you next time, Bye!

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