By Dalia

    Have you ever been bullied? Not fun huh? Bullying is one of the worse things you can do. You can make a person feel so worthless, you can make them feel depressed, and you can make them feel bad about themselves. Bullying doesn’t make you a better or “cool” person so stop thinking it does. When you make someone feel bad about themselves, it leads to something more than words it leads to insecurity, they start doubting themselves in life. Sometimes bullying even leads to even more than all that. It leads self harm, also causes to suicidal thoughts. When you get bullied don’t be afraid to tell anyone or talk to them. Some people get bullied but don’t tell an adult or anything, you have to tell an adult. Bullying isn’t a game, they’re 2 types of bullying, when you physically hurt someone, mentally hurt someone OR when you see someone getting bullied and do nothing about it. Some people are bullies because they have been bullied.

    Cyber bullying is another type of bullying. Calling someone a name on the Internet, making fake accounts, and talking about them in anyway on the Internet. I believe, cyber bulling happens more than physical bullying. Most people do it over internet because they’re scared in person. Why do it over the Internet when you won’t even do it in person? Either way, both types of bullying are horrible! I know several people that have been physically and cyber bullied. Neither is good.
I asked Desiree and Angela how they feel about bullying. Angela said "It's mean and it's sad because they take it to far." Desiree said "It's sad and she feels bad for the people getting bullied."

    Listen, a person is a person. Whether they have a disability, if they’re tall, short, thin, thick, no matter what race, age, height, weight, sexual orientation..they’re human. RESPECT IT. Also when someone makes ONE mistake everyone goes overboard about it & not only do they start bullying, they start judging. So, remember bulling is never okay. No one
deserves to go through that.                 

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