Period 4

John Green

Augustus Waters, Alaska Young these are the creations John Green has made. As there are characters from his books. John Green is an author also a youtuber. He wrote a total of 18 books, 6 of them you’d be interested in.
His most famous 6 are teen fiction and a honor to read. He has 1 brother, married, and has a child.
The most popular out of his books is The Fault in Our Stars which is a book about cancer and and the bond of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters (sound boring?) It actually isn’t with the sense of humor it has, it’s actually pretty good. Of course theres other books such as
~Looking for Alaska~
~Paper Towns~
~An Abundance of Katherines~
~Will Grayson, Will Grayson~
~Let It Snow~

I’ve interviewed some people on what their favorite books are by John Green.

Q1:What are your favorite books by John Green?
Q2:Why did you like it?
Q3:Did you cry?
Q4:You rating out of 10.

Jacqueline said
A1:"Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars"
A2:"They were funny,but sad, also exciting!"
A3:"Yea I like cried for 3 hours"
Rachel said
A1:"The Fault in Our Stars"
A2"It's because you don't expect what coming, there's alot of plot twists"
A3:"No haha I'm emotionless"
A4:"Ten out of ten."
Amanda quoted
A1:"The Fault in Our Stars"
A2:"It was sad, but it was really good"
A3:"A little bit"
A4:"10 out of 10"

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