Who's your best friend?Who's the person that you can share your most valuable and darkest secrets with.A best friend is someone who you can spend everyday and every minute with without getting tired of them ...wait I take that back.But even if they get on your last nerve sometimes you know you can always count on them to be there for you when you need them the most. Friends are almost always going to be there.Through good or bad times. They are people who you can trust with anything, maybe even your life.They are truly one of a kind.So you should value them and when you get the chance just remind them that they are one of the most special people in your life. Just ask yourself, what would I do without them? Even if you have a whole group of friends, there's always one that has the most in common with you. There is also one that you can tell a not so funny joke to but they will still laugh to make you feel better. And not to forget that one "special" friend that makes you feel like total dummy but you still love them to death. Whether you have quiet friends, loud friends, obnoxious friends, or just "those" friends , you know that you will always have someone who makes you cry , makes you laugh, or just lets you be true to yourself and not hide anything. That is something to value. Even if this is your last year seeing them, the memories that you have with them will be with you forever. Maybe along the way you will find another, not quite as great but will fill in that missing piece.So just enjoy it while you can . You never know, it might last forever.

Vanessa, Cinnamon, Melonie, Kierra, Donque, Elizabeth

Yasmine, Kayla, Claire, Trinity, Ariyah

Friends might not be forever...but memories are.
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