Halloween Costumes!!!
                                                                                         By; Samantha

October is here at last and you know what that means, HALLOWEEN
COSTUMES!! We have waited for this month for so long that its finally here. October is the best month of the year because we get to eat candy, throw Halloween parties, go to theme parks, and better yet we dress up. Being a character for halloween is so much fun, because we like to get creative when it comes to dressing up.

Picking out Halloween costumes is fun but sometimes hard because we have so many choices. We can either be a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, or a criminal. But it depends on what you like and your style. Even if you don't have a costume you can always make one by yourself, just grab some old clothes and go on youtube, I'm pretty sure they have a million videos on making a costume. You can even go to the Halloween store and just get the $3 make up and prosthetics.

Also you can always go to Party City, Spirit, and The Halloween Store. There they have over 1,000 costumes at each store. Not only do they have costumes, they have accessories so you don't have to be a full on character.From being a nerd to being a greaser, from being a princess to being a zombie bride. All sorts of costumes to pick.Even if your not sure just try some costumes on you might consider.

Halloween only comes once a year so lets savor this celebration with eating as much candy our stomaches can hold, going to halloween parties as long as we can, getting scared at theme parks, and dressing up with friends. Remember don't just dress up as a character be a character. Have a happy Halloween everyone!!


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