What’s your favorite music album? Your favorite music album tells a lot about yourself. Such as the type of music you like, and your favorite musicians. For some people music has a big part in peoples lives. Music helps people to be inspired to do things and to be happy with themselves. Music can be an escape for some people when they are having a bad day or are going through rough times. So for some people music is a very important thing, and some people can’t live without it.

Different tastes in music doesn’t mean you’re different from anybody else, it just shows your character. People like different genres of music. Some people like Hip-hop, some like R&B, some like Country music, some like Techno types of music, and theres so many other genres of music people can choose to listen to! Some people choose to listen to music that  doesn't even have any lyrics just the beat(most commonly known as instrumentals). You don’t have to like the same music that most people like, you can have your own opinion and likes.  You're different from everybody else, don't hide it EMBRACE IT!

I asked a few students what their favorite music album is and why. 

I asked Serenity,"what is your favorite music album and why?"
She said,"Ariana Grande's album YOUR'S TRULY, because she is a great singer and I loved her on VICTORIOUS."
I asked Selena,"what is your favorite music album and why?"
She said,"Beyonce's album LOVE ON TOP, because she is one of my favorite singers."

I asked Nathaniel what his favorite music album is and why. He said,"Drake's sophmore album TAKE CARE, because he sounds great on it."
I asked Clifford what his favorite music album is and why. He said,"Drake's newest album NOTHING WAS THE SAME, becuase he shows how lyrical he is and talks about different things in his life."

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