Do you like the L.A. County Fair? Is it fun or boring? Do you
like going with friends and family? Did you see the performances? Its a fun place to hang out, or the even bond with parents. I went with a friend and her grandpa. We were in a Hot Rod parade also.It was a fun experience to be in a parade. The rides are fun but really expensive. But the deep fried food is a must.

The rides at the fair are fun. But most of the rides spin way to much, so its gets you really dizzy. Some rides involve spinning, going up and down, getting tossed into the air, turning in a 360 motion, it was just so much stuff. Every time i go to the fair i usually go on all the rides but this time i only went on like two or three.

Being in a parade was a fun experience. But it got really noisy. The parade was just about Hot Rods. So many people showed up to be in the parade and just to watch. We got to throw out candy and beads to kids, adults, or who ever we wanted to. It was just a fun experience. Especially to me because that was my first time being in a parade

I seen one performance but i didn't get to see all of them. The performance i seen were five people doing a gymnastics thing. There were four girls and one guy. I interviewed them asking how they liked performing, or how much they practice. They gave really good answers. They had good performances and then they had some bad ones.
The deep fried food, is a must for the LA County Fair! at least over 2 hundred people eat the deep fried food. Theres fried food from, oreos , pickles wrapped in bacon, fried kool-aid. I think you get to point. If you like ice cream there is a Big D ice cream doughnut. Its a huge doughnut topped with chocolate swirl ice cream, whipped cream, peanuts and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

                              RCMS Lions Times