period 4 

  music is something that everybody listens to in their lifetime.  whether you listen to rock, hip-hop , pop, acoustic , rap, alternative , indie rock, etc. It is also the greatest stress reliever of all time. It helps get you through awkward situations and most of all it helps get you through LIFE.
  Music has helped save so many lives just by the lyrics of the songs.The singers know what your going through because they  went probably through the same exact thing .
 It doesn't matter what kind of music you listen to  or what other people think of it, as long as it has a meaning to it  that affects you then thats all that matters.

Different genres of music go with different meanings of the song. The singer could be singing about themselves or they could be singing about the people who are listening to the song. Most people don't really know how to express themselves because they might be antisocial. Mostly the way we find out the personality or charactersitics is by the things that the person wears or the music they listen to. Music can also be expressed by band merch. Band merch can be expressed by the name of the band or just the parts of a song that has alot of meaning to it.
 Most music CD's are sold at stores in the mall such as: Hot Topic, Spencers, Sam Ash, and even Target.
 If you and your friend have the same taste in music then it would be awesome to go to a concert with them if you have the money.  If you don't have the money then you can have a concert of your own in your room. If you do have the money then you can go to different types of concerts such as vans warped tour or any other concerts that intrest you that are apropriate for your age.


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